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New Training Release:

Introduction to CHOP's in Houdini FX

Hello everyone:

in this training we will see how we can use the CHOPs level Houdini with a bit of SOPs to create Procedural animation.

We will create two projects:

First one ( the Puzzle solver ) will learn how it simple to record the motion and reverse it in the CHOPs and how to export this new motion to the Geometry level.

In the second project (the green worm) we will create more advanced network in CHOPs, and use many of important powerful nodes, we will see how to share data between CHOPs and the objects. We need to use some Math concepts to solve some problems like in the orientation and timing issues.

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Math In Houdini FX VOL 2 : Physical Parameters

Hello Everyone,

In this volume two of Math in Houdini FX training. We will continue exploring the big role of math in creating visual effects and controlling the simulation behavior this time we will move to more advanced concepts and provide more examples and create cool projects. I will explain one of most important physical parameter: the gradient. And show you how to use it in rigging and collision and calculation also we will go in depth with matrices and learn cool techniques using the matrix. Quaternion parameter is in our list and we will see how to create quaternion field to effect particles motion and how to use the quaternion inside the wire solver dynamics with another project. And I will show you how it to build your own cloth simulation using the Vop network and how to add gravity force, collision and pin constraints to points.

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Math in Houdini FX VOL 1

Hello Everyone,

This training demonstrates the big role of Math in creating visual effects and controlling the simulation behavior in Houdini FX animation software. I will cover many of the most popular math topics in computer graphics and I will show you how to apply these concepts inside Houdini with some cool projects. I will focus what we need to know from math for using in VFX without diving into complex mathematical details as this training is not about pure math. I will show you how the Dot product can be used with the Flip Fluid, and how to create windy curves using the Cross product, and how the Matrices can determine the velocity and store the rotation data.....and many other features of using Math in Houdini.

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Procedural Modeling Technics In Houdini FX

This training focuses on how to create procedural nerve cells system in Houdini. It covers the using of many Houdini nodes in the SOPs level, like the for-each loop, vop nodes, polygonal nodes, using attribute’s nodes and creating geometry based on attributes. The course covers various procedural modeling technics in the new versions of HoudiniFX using Houdini nodes without use scripting. The last result is system to generate nerve cells from any model like box or sphere or human head. This training aimed to the intermediate Houdini’s users.

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