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Tree Rigging For Feature Film

                           New Houdini Training : intermediate & Advanced levels.

recommended for : FX TDs, Rigger, Generalist . 


Fast tool test (render with redshift)

Content Details - 13 video lesson with audio (1920 × 1080).
Duration –12 hours 

Houdini FX version – 16 & 17
Level – intermediate & Advanced
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Hello Everyone
this tutorial is about creating and animating trees in Houdini FX in Procedural way .
you will learn how to create your own tree model and how to animate it in different weather like windy day, normal wind ........etc.
also you will see how to simulate a growing process :
what i mean in growing is : you can select at which age of tree you want to start growing to final complete model , so you can start growing from zero or you can grow from winter tree to a beautiful spring tree with leaves and young branches .
i will show you firstly how to create a tree model in SpeedTree software for about 1 hour and then move to Houdini and create python code to define the hierarchy of branches and build a procedural wire dynamic network with some Math concepts of course .
Houdini Rigging TOOLs and CHOP's techniques in our list also to add more option and realistic to animation .

Lesson plan :

1.    Speed Tree : Modeling & Export– How to create a tree model and what is the parameters to manipulate for work with houdini, you don't need early knowledge of using SpeedTree software  

2.    Create Python Code – python code we will create for add level attributes to imported geometry based on hierarchy of tree . 

3.    Connect Spines –it is the base loop for creating constraint i dynamics to wire objects .

4.    procedural Dynamics Wire  – Using some attributes and Name of nodes will help to build a procedural wire dynamic network .

5.    Add Physical Parameters – Quaternion & material of wire control setting (ramp & math).

6.    Growing Part A (in Real Life) – what is the different between scale and growing , how is the growing happened in real life and how to apply this into houdini .

7.     Growing Part B (in Real Life) – improve growing process and add parameters to control this animation in procedural CHOP's.

8.    Basic Geometry Rigging  – How is the rigging work in Houdini and How to manipulate its attributes , full explanation !!!! .

9.    Solve Geometry Rigging  – some tiny issues on geometry rigging we need to see how it can be solved .

10.    Leaves Animation – Add simple basic Animation to leaves using SOP's & CHOP's.

11.    Solve Tiny Issues –some control parameters that we created we must re-link .


12.    Fast Simulation – it is very important to know how to do what we want but in the right way, recreate the idea in different way will make the simulate time smaller in 25 times !!!!! .

13.    Export Setting & Using –How to make it easy to export model and animate it , how to create Forest and Growing for a Group of trees  .

14.    Huge Tree Simulation – this video is 2 hour recorded inside houdini 17, will show you how to use H17 with Huge Tree File !!!!! .



ِAll Content With Project Files  ( HoudiniFX + SpeedTree ) .