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Intro to CHOP's in Houdini FX

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Hello everyone:

in this training we will see how we can use the CHOPs level in Houdini with a bit of SOPs to create Procedural animation.

We will create two projects:

First one ( the Puzzle solver ) will learn how it simple to record the motion and reverse it in the CHOPs and how to export this new motion to the Geometry level.

In the second project (the green worm) we will create more advanced network in CHOPs, and use many of important powerful nodes, we will see how to share data between CHOPs and the objects. We need to use some Math concepts to solve some problems like in the orientation and timing issues.

Lesson plan :

                             GREEN WORM


1.     How the procedural animation looks like – if I want to create procedural      channels I need to how it must look …

2.    Create Procedural Channel in CHOPs – now we will create the same channels in CHOPs, procedural channels …

3.    Drive Position on the Path by Channels – there are many CHOPs function to control parameters with channels …

4.    Add Parameters to Control the Motion – procedural motion must have parameters to control it ….

5.    Create the Height Motion– add height periodic motion to middle part of model...

6.    Create the SOP Deformer – using sop network to deform any worm model ….

7.    Animate the Model Using the CHOPs – there are powerful node to control the flow of each channel …... will see

8.    Conformity Height and Translate Motion – those two types of motion must happen in conformity to give realistic motion look …

9.    Create Procedural Orientation System – orient object on path is old problem, using some math concepts we will solve it forever ….



1.   Creating Randomization – we will create SOP system to randomize the puzzle parts ….

2.    Solving the Problem with Selection – attributes can be used for solving the sub-selection and loop selection ……

3.    Creating Animation Using CHOP’s – how to animate the parts using simple CHOP network and some channels function …

4.    Add Control Parameters – create control over animation speed and number of iterations ……..etc.

All Content With Project Files .