Houdini Realistic Interactive Vehicle Drifting And Sliding Dynamics by Hossam Aldin Alaliwi

This is the intersting volume "vol 3". Dynamics here exist to simulate drifting and sliding process as you see in real life. combaination between chops and pops is advanced, one hit on the skid brakes key on you keboard and your vehicle will slide as over snow, Don't believe me see the trailer, you can also control how fast it wil slid and by which angle and for which long it will do.

Houdini Craft Volume 01 - Vehicle Rigging For TD by Hossam Aldin Alaliwi

I recorded and created this vol 1 of three parts tutorial about developing Craft Animation Plug-in inside houdini. Using my Digital Asset you can rig any vehicle in 3 minute and start drive it in the real-time in the view-port in Houdini, you can record this animation and save it and replay the simulation with new setting like the max speed and the acceleration and so on......