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Procedural Modeling Technics In Houdini FX

Description: This training focuses on how to create procedural nerve cells system in Houdini. It covers the using of many Houdini nodes in the SOPs level, like the for-each loop, vop nodes, polygonal nodes, using attribute’s nodes and creating geometry based on attributes. The course covers various procedural modeling technics in the new versions of HoudiniFX using Houdini nodes without use scripting. The last result is system to generate nerve cells from any model like box or sphere or human head. This training aimed to the intermediate Houdini’s users.

Duration: 3 h

The video training includes the project files 

Training level - Begineer & Intermediate

Requirements -  Houdini 14 and over.


content of parts :

PART 1 : 53 mins

Generating & Cleaning Main Structure

For building nerve cells system we need to know how many cells in it, and how many nerves between those cells. All this information will be defined by the main structure. we will generate it using the closest points method and the voronoi fracture method. It is simple clean lines connect points between each other.

Chapter 01: generating the main structure:


The main structure it is not ready yet, it must be clean. No double primitives, no more than two points for each line. This is what we must be sure from it in this chapter. ...........................................................

Chapter 02: cleaning the main structure:

Using the closest points method we will build system of lines , it will be the representations of the nerve cells, then we will take a look to what  the voronoi fracture method can give us.

Part 2 : 90 mins

Building the cell’s & nerve’s geometry

The cells have all information about how many nerves go outside from each one, all this will be stored as attributes on cells, on each primitive of the geometry.


Chapter 03: building the cell’s geometry:

It seems like simple copy node with stamp function to create the cell’s geometry, but if you take a look the geometry spreadsheet you will see how many attributes and groups assigned to those simple spheres.

Chapter 04: building the nerve’s geometry:

Using all attributes and groups from cells we can now create the nerves one by one and our system become more close to the final look.

Part 3 : 40 mins

Add Details (Noise & Colors)

The nerves is created but it need some noise instead of the straight shape but here we must be careful to save the topology of each nerve, how to do this!!? We will see.

Chapter 05: add details(noise & colors) :





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